New Hexed Gaming League of Legends Team!

Fri 6th May 2016 - 4:36pm Gaming

We are proud to announce our new Hexed Gaming League of Legends team! This team is for players not looking to seriously compete, but looking to play and improve as a group to see how they stack up against others. The current main roster is:

  • Toplane - James 'British Doom' Burch - Captain
  • Jungle - Matt 'magubma' Tierney
  • Midlane - Alex 'Phenyl' Swanepoel
  • AD Carry - Daniel 'AstroMoose' Quinn
  • Support - Yung 'ChoYunEL' Lau


We are also open to new players joining as substitutes, please contact, add British Doom on the league client or join our teamspeak ( and speak to Dan or British Doom.



Dan Maloney

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