Hexed Gaming is a group of friends that started playing together competitively in 2012 on Battlefield 3, we slowly grew and acquired some new members with a wide variety of skillsets. The more competitive of us would play as teams and compete in ESL and other third party leagues and tournaments, while others would be able to just hop on to a game and have some other friendly people to play with. We are currently looking to expand as a brand and community and to spread across new games. Currently, we are running 2 competitive teams (1 League of Legends and 1 CS:GO)  and 1 more relaxed LoL team where people can look to see how they stack up against other players of a similar level. We strive to make all of our competitive players feel like they are in a high level esports environment, with updates on our website for players announcements, social media highlights/spotlights and a professional management to back them. 


Contact Details:

email (enquiries): hexed-gaming@outlook.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hexedgaming/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hexed_Gaming